About Me


I've had a long and varied career in writing, editing, and digital publishing. Much of my experience has been with Amazon, particularly in the Kindle organization where I managed special projects to enhance editorial quality and the reading experience on Kindle and non-Kindle devices. I currently work as a consultant for a major publishing house, for whom I consult on manuscript submissions, marketing strategy, and copy editing. While I now work almost exclusively on genre fiction novels, I also have a strong background in writing and editing business, marketing, and technical copy for corporate clients of all sizes. My goal is to help clients looking to achieve mid-list success in a fiercely competitive marketplace.

Paul Ridge, editorial consultant

  What I Don't Do

  • Guarantee sales numbers

  • Print services (I do recommend them for some content genres, but I have no experience in print publishing)

  • Children's Literature​, Memoir, Academic, Scientific, or Medical

  What I Do

  • ​Most big-picture aspects of the novel development process:

    • Developmental editing, including major plot, character development, and pacing issues.

    • Marketing strategy, including cover design and advertising consultation.

    • Stylistic support, including coaching on eliminating bad writing habits that make prose sound amateurish.

  • The genres I support are Romance, Mystery, Thriller, YA, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Women's Fiction, Paranormal, and almost all of the major sub-genres and cross-genres related to these, including Religious & Inspirational.

  • I have limited but recent experience with Middle Grade literature, and I'm working on developing my knowledge and skills in this genre. 

  • General copy editing and proofreading. I use The Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition, which is the standard style guide for the fiction publishing industry.